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Psychotherapy Service

The Arbours Psychotherapy Service offers help with a range of emotional problems including critical life events, bereavement, anxiety, depression, redundancy, abuse, eating disorders, gender, race, relationship and sexual issues, and mental health concerns.

Being in therapy involves regular meetings with a psychotherapist at least once a week, and while therapy can be time-limited in some instances, it is often open-ended and can continue for months or years.

Many of the Arbours Psychotherapists have the facility to meet online, but many also offer face-to-face psychotherapy at a range of locations across London, the UK, and internationally.

What is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy?

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy enables you to express and resolve difficult life problems and feelings.

You will have a safe space and a confidential setting to talk through your problems and come to understand them more fully.

Through the relationship with your psychotherapist and by talking about your feelings, memories, and dreams, your immediate and long-standing concerns and relationships can be explored.

The supportive and understanding relationship with your psychotherapist will help to facilitate this awareness and enable you to work towards resolving your difficulties.

Arbour Association Psychotherapy

How to start psychotherapy

Making an appointment for an initial session is easy, simply contact us by email or phone, or complete our contact form

You will first have an initial Psychotherapy Consultation with one of our psychotherapists. The initial consultations are held online (although a face-to-face assessment may also be possible). The fee for this initial consultation for individual psychotherapy is £60, although this fee can be reduced if you are requesting reduced-cost psychotherapy (please contact us to discuss this fee).  

Some reduce cost therapy is available for up to one year for people with limited financial means, or issues related to addiction and/or trauma.

After your initial consultation you will be referred to one of the psychotherapists.

How to make an appointment

Making an appointment for an initial consultation is easy, by completing the referral form on the Contact page. If you contact us by email, our reply may land in your spam/junk folder so please do check and if you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please contact us on email or text. 


Call or text: 07909981917

Our Costs

Fees for weekly therapy sessions vary depending on your personal circumstances. Following your application form, we will access and talk through with you the following fee structure:

Our sessions’ fee depends on an individual’s income as we offer means-tested reduced-fee psychotherapy. 

  • Our standard fees range from £60-90 with the final fee being negotiated with your therapist. 
  • Some of our therapists offer a lower option with our reduced fee sessions starting at £45. 
  • For some individuals, the standard and reduced fees are not financially possible so we do have limited funding available for the low-cost sessions at £0-30 (funding for low cost therapy limited to one year).
The yellow heart trust

Our Partnership with the Yellow Heart Trust

We have formed a strategic partnership with the Yellow Heart Trust charity. This partnership helps us extend our services to people who have experienced trauma and/or are struggling with addiction.

“The Yellow Heart Trust is delighted to have become a strategic partner with the Arbours Association, to help with the inspiring work at the heart of Arbours’ mission. I sincerely hope that deserving applicants will benefit from the financial help that the Yellow Heart Trust can provide, particularly for those suffering from issues related to addiction and/or trauma.” 

Philip Robinson, Director, Yellow Heart Trust

If you have a history of PTSD or addiction, please mention that in your application, as The Yellow Heath Foundation could offer some financial support. To find out if you are eligible and apply for a grant, click here.

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