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The Arbours Association

Who are we and how we can help

Arbours is an internationally renowned psychotherapy charity with 50 years of experience in providing therapeutic services to those in need. 

We are an active community of around 70 Arbours trained psychoanalytic psychotherapists, based in London, across the UK, and internationally.

Our psychotherapists support people from a wide variety of backgrounds with issues such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, abuse, bereavement, race, sexual issues, and more.

To find out how we could support you, click here for more information about our Psychotherapy Service or complete our contact form to start a conversation.

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Divan: Free Floating Attention Piece, Santiago Borja (2010). Image courtesy Freud Museum London.

About Arbours

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Psychotherapy Service 

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TELEPHONE OR TEXT: 07909981917