About The Arbours Association

Our philosophy

The Arbours was established in the early 1970’s by Dr Joseph Berke and Morton Schatzman (et al) and influenced by thinkers such as RD Laing.  Through our therapeutic communities we aimed to provide a non-institutional alternative to psychiatric treatment for individuals, where the autonomy and unique potential of each individual is respected.

Our primary interest is in working with people as individuals, rather than their diagnoses. This ethos informs all of our work in our psychotherapy service. We encourage our people to question both their own assumptions and that of the prevailing culture around issues such as gender, race, class and conceptualisations of both mental health or illness.

The Arbours Association retains close links with our professional graduate body the Association of Arbours Psychotherapists. It is also a founding member organisation of the UKCP (CPJA section).